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What is a clique?
According to Project Clique, a clique is a listing of people that attribute themselves to the clique's subject. In this case, the members of this clique associate themselves with the term "bookworm" and celebrate their love of reading. Unlike fanlistings, cliques tend to represent abstract concepts and ideals rather than being a fan of a subject. This means that cliques can range from claiming something, showing a belief, supporting an ideal and so forth.

How did cliques happen?
Back in the early 2000's after webrings massively declined, an era of "cliques" was born. Cliques focused more for themed groups where all members who join in a clique are required to have a small link back on their own sites. There were also a couple of a more exclusive cliques where the clique owners would be more selective by picking out the websites with best designing skills and perhaps popularity. If you were lucky enough, you'd be considered one of the elites if you got listed to these. Today, cliques are not as great as it used to be, but are still scattered out there on the internet.
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