Please read the rules carefully before applying to ensure your application will go through smoothly. Should there be any confusion or questions you'd like to ask about the rules, feel free to contact us any time. Please be mindful that rules may subject to change without any notice.

General Guidelines

  1. English version is required.
    Provided that you have an English version on your site, you may also include other languages as you please.

  2. One link per application.
    You must own the site before submitting. If you have multiple cliques, please submit a new application.

  3. Web cliques only.
    We only welcome any form of cliques; no fanlisting subjects here, please.

  4. Finished sites will only be listed.
    On a sidenote, we will not list sites that are upcoming, hate or adult. We periodically check on sites and will remove them without notice if they are dead or harmful to our visitors.

  5. You must provide an 88x31 button.
    File extensions must either be .jpg, .gif, or .png only. Upload it to any free image host that allows direct linking such as Imgur or CTRLQ and post your 88x31 URL upon joining.

  6. Real link to the site is required.
    That means absolutely no cloak, redirect, or shortcut links are allowed because it poses a risk to others. You must provide the real URL to your site for safe browsing.

  7. Link back is optional.
    You do not need to link this site back, though we would appreciate if you do and it also helps spread the word around!

  8. If you do not want your site listed here, please let us know!
    Please contact us if you are the site owner and wish not to be listed here.

  9. Keep your site updated.
    New link? Need to update your button? Feel free to update your information at anytime by going to the update form.

By proceeding to the form, you hereby agree to the rules above.

I agree to the rules!
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